Since the beginning we’ve had one focus. To provide the tools, expertise and service to help digital marketers become more efficient and improve their marketing ROI.


Digital Marketing Platform

We started with the introduction of ClickSweeper PPC Management software since PPC is a key focus of digital marketing. But, we didn’t stop there. As the needs of our clients evolved, we’ve kept step by introducing ConversionSweeper Lead Analytics and Management Software and our Managed Service Solution. Together, our suite of solutions provides the tools needed to manage and optimize campaigns from start to finish.


Customer Centric Approach

The customer is always at the center of our products and services. No cookie cutter templates here. We start by listening to our customers; making sure we have a clear understanding of your business, objectives, and current strategies. We then take it one step further and make sure we have a profile of your most valuable customers; the ones you want to attract with your marketing campaigns. With this Customer Centric Approach we are able to:

  • Define the unique attributes of your most valuable customers
  • Gain insights on how best to attract the most valuable customers
  • Develop marketing campaigns that maximize ROI


SEM Strategy

Our team of experts works closely with you to develop your SEM Strategy. Your comprehensive
SEM Strategy will provide recommendations for:

  • Ad channels
  • Ad networks
  • Keyword selection
  • Ad copy
  • Device focus
  • Location specific approach
  • Landing page design, message and Call-to-Action


PPC Management Software – ClickSweeper

ClickSweeper provides all of the tools you need to manage and optimize your PPC campaigns:

  • Performance based bid management automation
  • Performance based keyword optimization
  • Keyword promotion by ad position
  • Bid management by conversion score combining lead quality as well as conversion count
  • Trend and performance alerts
  • Scheduled reports with trend graphs


Managed Service Solution

Our full service solution includes a team of designers, engineers, and content writers who work with
you to create a targeted, creative customer experience that drives measurable returns. Elements
of the Managed Service Solution include:


  • Campaign Organization & Execution
  • Day Parting & Location Targeting
  • Keyword Inventory Optimization
  • Ad Copy Optimization
  • Lead Quality & Marketing ROI Review
  • Website Visitors Analytics
  • Performance Measurement and Reporting
  • Rich Media, Landing Page Review