• Dashboards displaying data trend for all digital marketing platforms
  • Hourly website vitality and response time check
  • Daily review of Google and Yelp’s negative ratings
  • Simple, inexpensive way to manage web leads
  • Message boards for each type of digital marketing
  • Website/marketing credentials management system
  • Role-based access control for all marketing employees (In-house & Outsource)

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Sophisticated Software for Simplified PPC Management


We specialize in helping advertisers in highly competitive industries maximize ad performance.

Easily and expertly track conversion and ROI, manage display and search ad campaigns and optimize Ad copy with ClickSweeper.


ClickSweeper provides a full range of bidding strategies so that you can select the one that best matches your business goals.

Analytics based bidding, Rank based bidding, Keyword ROI bidding, Conversion driven bidding, and Budget base bidding.

As a premier PPC management software solution, ClickSweeper has the features needed to manage keyword bidding across multiple ad networks including search, display, websites, categories or retargeting.

Simple or automated campaign management with Bidding Optimization, Keyword Optimization, Ad Copy Review and Trend Alerts.

ClickSweeper Review & Rating:

  • Rated as Best Pay Per Click Software Automation by SilverScope
  • Recommended as Pay Per Click Tool for Small Business by Entrepreneur magazine
  • Top 10 rated PPC Bid Management Company by TOPSEO
  • Top Rated PPC Bid Management Company United Kingdom, 2012
  • Top Rated PPC Bid Management Company India, 2012


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