Manage Multi-Site Digital Marketing on One Powerful Platform

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How Varazo Engage Helps You Succeed

As multi-site business manager, you need to define common marketing policies such as on-boarding process, tools, branding and promotional campaigns. Corporate marketing managers also need to monitor success and failure of individual site’s marketing and offers management support.

However, each site needs to drive geo targeting SEO, SMO and SEM campaigns. Besides, each site needs to manage its own conversions and leads.

Varazo Engage is designed to support marketing needs of both main office and local offices above.

Varazo Engage Addresses Franchise Business’s Needs

Varazo’s software service enables franchisors to share marketing environment such as tools, brochures and promotional campaigns with franchisees and oversee marketing progress and failure.

It helps franchisees promote their business through geo marketing, social media optimization and local business review.

Share Marketing Environment With All Franchisees

Franchisor’s tools, routines, brochures and promotional campaigns are shared with franchisees.

Oversee Franchisee's Marketing Progress And Failure

View all franchisee’s website issue, marketing status, activities and local reputation issues.


Provide Franchisees With Optimized Ads

Monitor Google Ads for territorial infringement. Optimize Google campaign by location bidding.

Manage Leads and Conversions

Franchisee and Franchisor leads are tracked and managed.

Varazo Engage Addresses Agency’s Business Needs


Varazo software service enables marketing agency to automate client on-boarding process with tasks and routines and oversee marketing progress and failure in quick review.

It also tracks client’s search and social marketing campaign performance and status and generates consolidated reports.

Automate On Boarding Process

On boarding process defines tools, tasks and routines.

Oversee Marketing Progress And Failure

Management view summarizes performance of client’s SEM, SEO and SMO.

Help Optimize And Track Campaigns

Track Campaign Trend, Keyword and Ad Performance. Optimize Google campaigns by location bidding.

Manage Leads And Conversions

Track Conversions from all sources. Track and Manage all leads.