Zephyr is an on-demand enterprise test management platform that manages all aspects of the testing lifecycle. In March of 2013, it inquired about Varazo whether paid search marketing ROI can be measured profitable. Prior to Varazo service, the company was not informed of search marketing ROI by the marketing agency and left them in the dark whether their search marketing resulted in any sales. Varazo introduced ConversionSweeper technology which makes it possible to identify source of lead that resulted in sale. After reviewing data provided by Varazo, the company becomes a believer that paid search marketing can become profitable.

ABC Paving & Sealcoating


We did not know asphalt paving business until Michael, who runs paving company in Florida, came to us to optimize pay per click advertising through our software, ClickSweeper. And, we offered him an integrated solution to manage and optimize Google AdWords campaign and track leads. Our integrated solution tracks leads whether they come from web signup or phone calls or Facebook and uncovers the source of lead through keywords and campaigns of Google AdWords search, and then optimizes keyword bid based on quality of leads and ad position. Thank to this solution, his business generates more qualified leads and the owner is aware of where good leads are from. His comment was “Amazing tool! It tracks where leads come from to monitor the success and ROI of all my online and email marketing campaigns.”

Applied Wireless


The company offers wireless video and audio products that transmit high quality live video/audio without cabling, trenching, or wires. The company has been with Varazo’s SEM marketing since 2006. Through years of service, Varazo updated the company websites, and managed search advertising, and analyzed site performance. The company sells their products online for years and most of sales are from managed search advertising.

Ritz/Wolf Camera & Image


Ritz & Wolf Camera & Image (RitzPix.com) offers one of the world’s largest inventories of photo-related products and services. In August of 2010, it approached Varazo with one simple task: grow PPC conversions. Its many products, keywords, and target locations called for a large yet focused PPC campaign – and sophisticated automated tools to manage it as it grew. Partnering with Varazo brought PPC consulting, the entire arsenal of ClickSweeper’s tools, integration of PPC advertising platforms, and new, effective strategies for continued growth.

Premier Power


Premier Power, a prominent solar installation company, joined Varazo’s risk-free pay by performance program in October 2007. Varazo reorganized its PPC campaigns by region, applied conversion based keyword bidding, broke down campaigns into highly targeted adgroups, and increased the keyword inventory. At the end of the 6 month term, the account had seen a terrific increase in the number of conversions and a much reduced cost per conversion. Premier Power signed a new contract for extended services, including search engine optimization, website management, pay per click advertising, and phone call tracking. Since then, Varazo’s role in integrating and growing Premier Power’s online marketing continues to expand.