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If marketers are focused on the quantity of signup or leads generated without considering quality, the result is often underperforming and unpredictable ROI.

By changing their focus to the quality of leads generated, marketers are able to focus their spend on the activities most likely to result in sales and, as a result, improve ROI.

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To improve lead quality of search engine marketing, marketers have to integrate lead quality tracking system with pay per click management system and apply lead quality information to optimize keyword bidding for campaign optimization.

For the first time, Varazo achieves this by integrating two software solutions, ClickSweeper and ConversionSweeper.


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Software for staightforward
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Professional and Software Services Varazo offer are:

Service Marketing Tools & Service Description

International SEM

Varazo has international Search Marketing expertise. Platforms we support include Google, Yahoo, Naver, Daum, and Baidu.

PPC Management Service

Varazo offers campaign development, management and optimization for Google AdWords, and MSN AdCenter.

PPC Management Software

Varazo has proprietary software Service for Google, MSN and Yahoo search advertising

Google Shopping

Varazo staff defines and submits Google Shopping and manages it under our software.

Google Video Marketing

Our staff develops and manages Google video marketing.

Sponsored Social Campaigns

Our staff performs Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn campaign development and management.

PR Marketing

Varazo develops PR content and submit it to various online PR sites.

Landing Page Enhancement

Our web designer will help improve website to optimize conversion page and landing page performance.

Form & Button Builder & Editor

Varazo has its own Form & Button Builder & Editor software. The tool also generates tracking code for leads, lead source, and conversion.

Call Tracking

Varazo provides service that tracks phone calls and their source in lead management software

Lead Management Software

Varazo offers lead management software service (www.LeadSource.Marketing) that can track leads and source of leads from online form, email, phone, WordPress and Facebook.

Integrated Search Marketing

The solution integrates our lead management system with PPC management system that allows PPC campaigns to be optimized based on lead quality as well as lead quantity.


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