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If marketers are focused on the quantity of signup or leads generated without considering quality, the result is often underperforming and unpredictable ROI.

By changing their focus to the quality of leads generated, marketers are able to focus their spend on the activities most likely to result in sales and, as a result, improve ROI.

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To improve lead quality of search engine marketing, marketers have to integrate lead quality tracking system with pay per click management system and apply lead quality information to optimize keyword bidding for campaign optimization.

For the first time, Varazo achieves this by integrating two software solutions, ClickSweeper and ConversionSweeper.


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Bring your digital marketing full circle with Varazo's tools & services

Digital Marketing Service Package

Ad platforms supported: Google Adwords, Bing, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Naver, Facebook, Twitter and Amazon


Click Sweeper, PPC management software services

ConversionSweeper, Lead Analytics software services

Software Configuration Services

Installation of Tracking Code

Monthly reporting

Search marketing campaign development (Google,MSN,...)

Search marketing campaign management (Google, MSN,…)

Service fee

Software Solution




Either $125 or 5% of ad budget whichever is greater

Managed Service Solution

$500 for Google and Bing + $200 for each additional platform or 15% of ad budget whichever is greater