Marketing Tools & Service Description

Local Marketing

Comprehensive marketing service for the local small business. We take care of the marketing so you can focus on running your business. Services include tracking and management of local SEO, business reviews, phone inquiries, social media, local PPC, and analytics data.

Corporate Marketing

Manage digital marketing easily and effectively with our marketing management platform. Built to cover all types of digital marketing with tools to manage both internal and outsourced staff.

Agency Marketing

Simplify client account management and improve productivity with our management platform designed just for agencies.

International Marketing

Optimize your search marketing in the U.S. and around the world. Platforms we support include Google, Naver, Bing, and Yahoo

Technology Platform


Varazo has been developing technology solutions to address the most important digital marketing challenges for over 10 years. We firmly believe that technical innovation is required to keep pace with digital marketing advancements. As the number of digital marketing channels and solutions expands, the marketing manager is being asked to do more, be smarter, and act quicker than ever before. We develop the technology to help them do just that.


Sophisticated PPC software to
simplify PPC Management
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Marketers Playground

Consolidated digital marketing dashboard and team management software
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