Marketing Tools & Service Description

International SEM

Varazo has vast experience in International Search Marketing. Platforms we support includes Google, Naver, Bing, and Yahoo

Local Marketing Service

Varazo provides comprehensive local marketing service that tracks local SEO, business review, phone calls, social, local PPC, and analytics data.

Corporate Marketing

Varazo provides a marketing platform for marketing manager to manage all types of digital marketing with internal and outsourced staff.

Agency Partnering

Varazo works with marketing agencies to provide platform for agencies to monitor all aspects of marketing and to communicate with clients.

Technology Platform


Varazo has been a provider of technology solution for over 10 years, since digital marketing cannot achieve the goal without technical innovation. It becomes more important as there are more marketing channels and solutions than before. Because of expansion of digital marketing, marketing manager has to manage more ad channels, tools and outsourcing staff.


Sophisticated PPC software to
simplify PPC Management
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Marketers Playground

Marketers Playground
Consolidated digital marketing review
and team management software
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